American HVACR,LLC is the HVAC company engaged in providing advanced,High-quality Heating & Air conditioning solutions for residential & Commercial Air Conditioning.

We aim to offer the very highest standard of after-sales services including warranty,Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Our licensed and certified HVAC technicians are trained to provide you expert HVAC heating & Cooling Service in NYC

Our HVAC Services Include :

Air Conditioning Sale & Service

  • Air Conditioning Sale

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • Air Conditioning Repair

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Air Conditioning Installation 

  • Commercial Air Conditioning

  • Central Air Conditioning

  • Rooftop HVAC Unit

  • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner-PTAC

  • Window Air Conditioner ​

  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

  • Central Air Unit 

Heating Sale & Service

  • Commercial Heating Service in NYC

  • Furnace Sale

  • Furnace Repair

  • Furnace Maintenance

  • Furnace Installation

  • Heap Pump Sale 

  • Heat Pump Installation

  • Heat Pump Maintenance

  • Heat Pump Repair

  • Boilers

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Company Policy
To stay close to our customers, We aim to be a leading HVAC company that contributes to all the people and to achieve an affluent society. We will also strive to create new values that can provide our customers with inspiration and Satisfaction.

We earnestly solicits your continued patronage and support in the future. Please fell free to contact us at 929-369-8352 .​

We also provide HVAC service in the following New York City Zip codes : 10001-10002-10003-10004-10005-10006-10007-10008-10009-10010-10011-10012-10013-10014-10016-10017-10018-10019-10020-10021-10022-10023-10024-10025-10026-10027-10028-10029-10030-10031-10032-10033-10034-10035-10036-10037-10038-10039-10040-10041-10043-10044-10045-10048-10055-10060-10065-10069-10075-10080-10081-10087-10090-10095-10101-10102-10103-10104-10105-10106-10107-10108-10109-10110-10111-10112-10113-10114-10115-10116-10117-10118-10119-10120-10121-10122-10123-10124-10125-10126-10128-10129-10130-10131-10132-10133-10138-10150-10151-10152-10153-10154-10155-10156-10157-10158-10159-10160-10161-10162-10163-10164-10165-10166-10167-10168-10169-10170-10171-10172-10173-10174-10175-10176-10177-10178-10179-10185-10199-10203-10211-10212-10213-10242-10249-10256-10257-10258-10259-10260-10261-10265-10268-10269-10270-10271-10272-10273-10274-10275-10276-10277-10278-10279-10280-10281-10282-10285-10286-10292-10301-10302-10303-10304-10305-10306-10307-10308-10309-10310-10311-10312-10313-10314-10451-10452-10453-10454-10455-10456-10457-10458-10459-10460-10461-10462-10463-10464-10465-10466-10467-10468-10469-10470-10471-10472-10473-10474-10475-10499-10550-10705-11001-11003-11004-11005-11040-1096-11101-11102.

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