Address: 348 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA

Contact: +1 718-913-5466

American HVACR LLC is the air conditioning, Heating & HVAC Company. Specializes in Sale, Service, Repair, Maintenance & Installation on all types of air conditioning, Heating & HVAC equipment (Units) in New York City and Westchester County, New York. "Air conditioner repair in Manhattan"




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“We bring comfort to life”

American HVACR LLC is the air conditioning,Heating & HVAC Company. American HVACR fulfills the requirements of a large number of corporate, Commercial and  Residential customers in New York (NYC) &  Jersey City (NJ)

We aim to offer the very highest standard of after-sales services including warranty,Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Our licensed and EPA certified technicians are trained to provide you expert air conditioning,Heating & HVAC Services .

We have built our reputation on:



  • Our commitment to delivering on time

  • Offering the widest selection and best prices on HVAC equipment's

  • Our superior knowledge of HVAC systems repair maintenance and installation



Think us your HVAC Contractor –  For all of your HVAC equipment and service needs, turn to the most trusted name in the business, .New York PTAC & Central Air Conditioning Experts Inc.


 Experience Service -   Our extensive knowledge gives us the ability to handle the unique needs of any of our clients. Whether your project is large or small, New York PTAC & Central Air Conditioning Experts has the right solution for your HVAC requirements.


HVAC Turnkey Consulting Service -    We provide a turnkey service where we help design, manage, and execute mechanical projects.. We have the knowledge to assist building owners, engineers, and contractors with: 



  • HVAC system design

  • HVAC service

  • HVAC Installation Service

  • Performance contracting


We offer Services within New York City and Westchester County, NY.


  • Queens,NY.

  • Manhattan,NY.

  • Brooklyn,NY.

  • Bronx,NY.

  • Staten Island,NY.

  • Yonkers,NY.

  • Jersey City,NJ.

For details about our services please visit our HVAC Service Page


  • Be a company that is a pleasure to do business with.

  • Win people’s hearts and minds.

  • Encourage learning, experimentation and innovation in what we do. 

  • Place the Company’s interest above one’s own.

  • Conduct business with personal integrity and ethics.

  • Work in a boundary-less manner between various functions to provide the best solutions to customers.

  • Treat employees as respected members of our organisation.

  • Ensure high standards of corporate governance.

  • To stay close to our customers, We aim to be a leading HVAC company in NYC that contributes to all the people and to achieve an affluent society. We will also strive to create new values that can provide our customers with inspiration and Satisfaction.


  • Come first in customers’ mind as the most trusted air conditioning,Heating & HVAC Company in New York (NYC).

  • To dream, To strive, To care and, Above all, To be the best in everything we do.


Inspiring a nation to conserve energy through innovative service and Performance while providing quality equipment,Products and Service.We provide quality service to all our customers,Regardless.Our main goal is customer satisfaction.


We earnestly appreciate  your continued patronage and support in the future. For more service information contact us at (929) 369-8352 , (718) 913-5442